Extremely Satisfied Customer, Riverside California

To A&A Manufacturing,

I am writing today to tell you how pleased I am with your company, product, and warranty service.
When I had my pool built in 2000, I had your cleaning system installed. It had a lifetime warranty, of
which I was skeptical, because in most cases, when I get these there is usually some type of hitch.
However, with your company, there have been no hitches. I have had a number of problems and
concerns with my system over the last 14 years and your company has always responded to my
concerns and replaced all necessary parts at no cost to me, for the parts or labor.
Your company has always done everything your warranty says it would do, and I am very grateful for
you folks. Not to mention that I am very happy with the cleaning system and how it eases pool
I also want to tell you how valuable your Regional Sales Manager, Jaime Guzman, is to your company.
To me he is Mr. A&A and he couldn’t be better. Mr. Guzman is attentive, courteous, concerned,
efficient, dedicated, and genuinely concerned for the customer’s satisfaction. In my opinion, you cannot
find a better representative for your company than Mr. Guzman. I view him as my “Guardian Angel”
over my pool floor cleaning system.
You have my permission to use this letter with any and all new prospects for your product, and I will
suggest your system to anyone I hear that is in the market for a pool. Thank You again for being the
excellent company you are. One more point, I also just purchased the new improved variable speed
pumps, and I appreciate that fact that your company is constantly developing new and improved
systems to make your product better. You truly are an excellent company.

Gene P. Johnson