Jim Stephens

California License: C53 1025652

With more than 2200 swimming pools in my 30 year career as a swimming pool builder, I have the experience required to solve problems and create solutions. I enjoy every project and treat it as my own. You will receive supervision directly from me throughout the construction in all phases. My experience is real, and is documented while a licensed pool builder.

Rock Solid Experience

Since 1988, I have catered to both the simple and the sophisticated tastes of the pool buyer. My philosophy of business centers on listening to the pool buyers’ needs in order to deliver focused design. By communicating with our customers, the solid reputation of Sea Breeze Pools has grown, one pool at a time.

The cornerstone of Sea Breeze Pools is a strict adherence to an elite standard of construction.

Supervision is guaranteed and performed personally by me and the designer for the pool, so that details are covered as discussed. Before construction, I meet with each customer and the designer because I believe that each pool is a project deserving attention to detail and discussing the expectations of the client. Quality control procedures enable us to hand build each pool to exacting standards. And of course, communication with the homeowner is a top priority. All calls are happily received and promptly returned by the appropriate person.

Peggi Stephens

Office Management

Peggi is the cornerstone of communications with everyone and is instrumental in the success of managing the administrative operations of Sea Breeze Pools. She interacts with all clients, contractors, owner representatives and manages the administrative tasks so vital to the smooth flow of the business.