Like countless others, you’ve already discovered the joy that a pool can bring to your life. There’s nothing quite like taking a dip on a hot day or reading a book alongside the water as you take a sip from your cold beverage. But there’s been something on your mind that you can’t seem to get rid of — what can you do to enhance the value and entertainment that the pool offers to you, your family, and your home? The great news? Sea Breeze Pools Inc. is here to bring out the full potential of your pool!  

Not only do we provide swimming pool installation in Murrieta, but we also specialize in landscaping, renovations, and custom pool design! In this post, we’ll be discussing options that will breathe new life into your pool!


Has the surface of your pool started to lose its luster? Whether through the hands of time it’s worn down or you’ve just grown tired of how it looks, we can help! Our custom pool experts will work with you to make your pool look brand new and design it to match your desired look! Want to add some tiles? Maybe add a custom design at the bottom? Absolutely! After our design consultation, we’ll get to work right away (or whatever schedule you would like us to follow!).

Redesigning the Deck

We don’t just stick to the pool; like a border around a beautiful portrait, the deck of your pool adds to or detracts from its appeal. You don’t want your breathtaking pool to be surrounded by weeds and cracked concrete do you? Whether you’re going for a Tuscan look or something more modern, our job is to turn your dream into a reality.

Water Features

Water features at a pool? Isn’t there enough water? Absolutely not! Think about how jealous your neighbors will be if they come over for a barbeque and see a gorgeous waterfall flowing into the pool from above or a fountain in the middle that some may think is only reserved for royalty. Adding water features will upgrade your pool into a legitimate oasis.

LED Lighting

Have you ever considered adding LED lighting to your pool? If you haven’t, we bet you will now! With vast coloring schemes to choose from, your pool will glow and beckon for you to swim or just relax when the sun sets over the horizon.


A lot of people forget to consider the landscape surrounding their pool during installation. With an array of options, you can pick a theme that matches your personality. We’re experts in pool landscaping and no matter what your ideas may be, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Sea Breeze Pools

Remember that pool renovations can be done over a period of time to suit your budget. Whether you want it all done in one go or bit by bit, your complete satisfaction is our goal and that includes the schedule in which we work on it. Let our expert staff at Sea Breeze Pools Inc. walk you through your options! As an APSP member, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make a major splash this summer. Just give us a call to get started!